What is the BPCA?

The Brookhaven Peachtree Community Alliance (BPCA) is a group of Brookhaven residents organized around the goal of guiding Brookhaven development along Peachtree Street and Dresden Drive.  We are a volunteer, non-profit community organization, and Brookhaven Heights, Brookhaven Fields, Ashford Park and Historic Brookhaven neighborhoods have representatives on the BPCA board.  BPCA board members are design, planning or business professionals in their non-volunteer lives.

The BPCA formed in 2004 (BPCA history) and spurred DeKalb County to apply for the landmark Livable Cities Initiative (LCI) study of Brookhaven.  The LCI study subsequently brought together citizens from all over Brookhaven and used an extensive public process to develop a visionary,  20 year development plan for Brookhaven.

The BPCA then worked with our DeKalb County Commissioners to codify the study’s recommendations in a new zoning ordinance for Brookhaven, called the “Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay District” and often referred to as simply “the Overlay.”

Brookhaven Park Entry

The BPCA’s current role is to promote the LCI study’s goals for Brookhaven.   A primary way we do this is by monitoring new development to be sure it complies with the Overlay’s requirements.  We also champion the redevelopment of Brookhaven Park to make it a true public park, and advocate more public funding for sidewalk and streetscape improvements along Peachtree Road and Dresden Drive.

In general, we embrace and promote the LCI study’s goal to create a true public heart for Brookhaven, centered at or near the MARTA station, consisting of a variety of business types in a friendly, walkable environment.  The Brookhaven Village development along Dresden Drive is a good example of the LCI vision and what the Overlay requires.

The current BPCA board is Joel Putterman (President), Mike Elliot, Sandy Althomson, Kathy Forbes, Andrea Seidl and Erik Steavens.