Erik Steavens

Erik Steavens has lived in Brookhaven since December 2004.  He is married to Tina Steavens and they have a young daughter, Lena, who attends Atlanta International School.  The Steavens live in the Arbors at Brookhaven neighborhood since they moved to Atlanta.  Erik has been an member of the community as a leader of his neighborhood association, Arbors at Brookhaven, as well as being an early founder of the Brookhaven Peachtree Community Alliance (BPCA).

Professionally, Erik Steavens is twenty year transportation professional with a diverse background in multimodal transportation.  Mr. Steavens currently is the Director of Fleet Relations for RouteMatch Software.  In this capacity, Mr. Steavens works with clients to better manage and operate their transportation assets.

Previously, Mr. Steavens was the Division Director of Intermodal Programs for the Georgia Department of Transportation. Mr. Steavens career spans all levels of government (federal, state, and local) and the private sector where he established himself as a recognized leader in transportation policy and finance.

He holds a Bachelor and Masters of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Steavens began his career at the Planning Commission in Albany, Georgia and was responsible for multi-modal planning of the road, bridges, bicycle, pedestrian, aviation, and transit systems in Dougherty and Lee Counties. Mr. Steavens worked for the Federal Highway Administration for eight years and developed several non-traditional projects, including transit service at Yosemite National Park, financing plans for the Alameda rail project and the Miami Intermodal Center.

He followed up this federal service with work on the current transportation authorization bill – SAFETEA-LU. In this capacity Mr. Steavens advised senior leadership of the United States House and Senate on policy and financial provisions that were ultimately adopted in the bill. He currently works to advise several staff members in their current efforts to reauthorize the transportation program.  Furthermore, Mr. Steavens works with clients to find grant funding and innovative approaches to finance transportation infrastructure.