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 The corner property at Colonial Drive and Peachtree Road was purchased by Walgreens in 2008, almost a year after the Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay District became law.  For the past four years, members of a number of neighborhood associations and BPCA have put in countless volunteer hours to work with DeKalb County, the developer and Walgreens executives to advocate for a building that complies with the Overlay.  While the majority of Walgreen’s stores are the typical one story (or false two story) suburban model with parking out front, there are examples of more urban styles that would fit the vision and meet the rules of Brookhaven’s Overlay.

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Previously Proposed Plans

Below are Walgreen’s previously proposed plans for the site.  The major ways they fail to meet the Overlay are as follows:

  1. building must be at least 2 functional stories–building as shown is single story
  2. maximum 20′ side yard (not wide enough for parking, all parking behind)–site plan shows parking in side yard
  3. no new entrance allowed from Peachtree–site plan shows new entrance from Peachtree

Walgreen’s Site Plan 2011

Proposed Brookhaven Walgreen’s Elevations 2011



Why This Matters

Numerous properties on Peachtree Road are going to be re-developed over the next few years, including the Hastings property.  If Walgreens prevails, it will set a precedent for future suburban-style development in Brookhaven.  If we prevail, we’ll maintain Brookhaven’s current vision for mixed-use, walkable development. It is safe to assume that whatever is built on this highly visible corner will set a tone for Brookhaven for years, if not decades, to come.

The question is:  Do we want to just let things go so they stay like this?

View down Peachtree past Cherokee Plaza

Or insist the Overlay be enforced and have Brookhaven look like this?

Example of mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented streetscape

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