Sandy Althomsons

Sandy Althomsons has been a resident of Brookhaven since 2006 and has recently joined the BPCA. In addition to her organizational contributions, Sandy intends to promote the public health aspect of the Livable Centers Initiative and the health benefits of the Overlay District. Urban planning influences health in many ways. Historically, safe water and sanitation had major influences on public health, perhaps more than medicines or transplant surgeries. Although we may no longer suffer the infectious diseases of earlier centuries, our generation faces the chronic disease epidemics related to obesity. An increasing number of studies demonstrate the positive impact of walkable communities on the health of residents. Urban planners again have a leading role to play, designing our communities for healthier living.
Sandy Althomsons is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and has worked for the World Health Organization and Doctors without Borders. She is currently an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.