The Brookhaven Peachtree Livable Centers Initiative (LCI)

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) provides funding for investment studies and transportation projects located in activity and town centers in the region. This program of studies and projects has become known as the LCI (Livable Center Initiative). The focus of the program is to encourage increased residential development, mixed-uses and connectivity in activity and town centers focused around public transit.

In June of 2004, the BPCA initiated a meeting with DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones, key MARTA officials, as well as members of the DeKalb County Department of Economic Development and the DeKalb County Planning Department. BPCA and MARTA presented to Vernon Jones and other county representatives, and at this meeting, DeKalb County gave the community a commitment to support the application to the ARC for an LCI study.

At that time, Vernon Jones made a commitment to provide $100,000 to fund a study in the event that the LCI application was not accepted. The BPCA also obtained a promise from MARTA that, if Brookhaven were chosen for an LCI grant/study, MARTA would participate in the study and would not proceed with development until the study was complete.

On February 14, 2005, the ARC approved the Brookhaven/Oglethorpe MARTA Station application for an LCI study. The ARC funded $80,000 and DeKalb County funded $20,000 to cover the $100,000 needed for the study development. The DeKalb County Office of Economic Development received the money and oversaw the study, including selecting the planning professionals and scheduling public meetings. The county selected Urban Collage to conduct the study, and develop a planning framework and guidelines.

Over the next year, the Brookhaven community and surrounding neighborhoods participated in the study. Links on this web site provide some explanation of some important facts about the study, which should help everyone better understand the process.