City of Brookhaven

  • jack MARTA has chosen a team from Integral and Transwestern–working under the name of Brookhaven City Center Partners–to be the developers of the Brookhaven MARTA Station site.  They were one of 7 teams that submitted.  Their proposal is built around a major civic plaza that anchors the Peachtree Road side, with a wide green promenade leading ...
  • Why Mixed-Use Matters What is “mixed-use development” and why is everyone talking about it?  Don’t most towns, by their nature, already have a mixture of uses?  What’s newsworthy?  
  • MARTA Project RFP Finalists Below is a list of the seven developers who have passed MARTA’s RFQ (Request for Qualifications) process for Brookhaven and are permitted to compete in the RFP (Request for Proposals) process. They have been invited to meet individually with the Brookhaven MARTA-CRB to learn more about Brookhaven’s planning for the site.  You can find scheduled ...
  • Too Much Traffic! Who likes to be stuck in a car going nowhere? It’s frustrating any time, and particularly when you’ve allowed exactly 20 minutes to get to your appointment a few miles away.  Meanwhile, motorists are stopped in front of you, oblivious to your predicament.  
  • What Density Is Right for Central Brookhaven? More dense development is spun into Brookhaven’s DNA.  Since the planning of the north MARTA line in the 1970s and the decision by MARTA and DeKalb County to locate a MARTA station along Peachtree at Dresden, it has been understood that the area would redevelop with more density.  It is a basic urban planning principle ...

BPCA Referendum Position (June, 2012)

A glance at Brookhaven-area yard signs is all one needs to surmise the hottest topic in town: should Brookhaven become a city?

What does the BPCA think?

The BPCA formed in 2004 to promote good planning in Brookhaven.  Our goal has been to create a recognizable heart for Brookhaven, a place where people meet, play, do business, and celebrate, a public center that everyone knows is Brookhaven.  The ARC study and subsequent Overlay zoning provide the vehicle to do this, and we now define our primary mission as promoting and defending them.

We can do this within whichever political framework Brookhaven residents choose to take forward.  The BPCA board is resolved to stay neutral in this debate.  We have received exemplary support for Brookhaven planning issues from Commissioners Rader and Gannon of DeKalb County to date, and we would fully expect to receive similar support from elected commission members at a new city hall, should that be local citizens’ decision.  Good planning is good for Brookhaven and enjoys strong neighborhood support no matter which form of self-government we choose.

This is not to say that members of the BPCA board have no individual opinions.  In fact, we have board members who favor a new city and members who favor no new city.  There are good arguments to be made on both sides of the issue, and we encourage everyone to participate in this lively debate.

The key for the BPCA is to keep its organizational focus and be prepared to work energetically with whichever political system Brookhaven citizens choose on July 31st.  For more facts and discussion of the city hood issues, we encourage you to attend the City Forum sponsored by the Brookhaven Reporter on Monday, July 9th, in Lupton Hall at Oglethorpe University.