Here are the drawings submitted by Walgreen’s developer for a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) from the City of Brookhaven.  The site plan is too large as a jpeg, so click on the hyperlink below to open it as a pdf.

Walgreens Site Plan-LDPWalgreens Elevs -LDP

Walgreens Peachtree Elev.

Walgreens Peachtree Elev.

Walgreen’s in court

On June 22nd, Judge Cynthia Becker heard arguments in the Walgreen’s vs. DeKalb County case arising from the DeKalb Zoning Board of Appeals denying Walgreen’s request for a new curb cut on Peachtree (see previous posts).  Judge Becker did not have time to review the legal briefs before the hearing and expressed some sympathy for Walgreen’s position.  However, John Jones, arguing on behalf of DeKalb County, continues to have confidence in the legal merits of the county’s position.

Lynda Martin attended the hearing and provided BPCA with notes and a summary.  We subsequently authorized our attorney, Linda Dunlavy, to file an amicus brief bolstering DeKalb County’s arguments.  This is an important case to win as it sends a message to all future developers that we have resources and expertise and are determined to defend the LCI vision and Overlay zoning.

Judge Becker is expected to issue her decision by July 20th.

Walgreen’s does multi-story!

Walgreen’s started in Chicago with many first-floor drug stores in multi-story buildings.  They’ve grown to prefer their one-story, suburban store because they can put them up quickly and own them themselves.  However, they do very nice new stores in multi-story, mixed-use buildings when required, as this example from Orlando shows.

Walgreen’s in Orlando–note separate entrance to 2nd floor offices

Walgreens Update

After early attempts to build its usual model didn’t go through (see BPCA History), Walgreens most recently was denied an administrative variance to get an extra curb cut on Peachtree by Dekalb County Planning; they then lost their appeal to the Dekalb Board of Zoning Appeals (Oct. 12, 2011).

Now they have filed suit against the Board of Zoning Appeals and DeKalb County in Superior Court, where a judge will decide whether the zoning board and county acted properly.  There are number of non-comforming elements with the most recent design submitted by Walgreen’s, but only the Peachtree curb cut is the subject of the current legal action.  BPCA’s legal committee is working with an attorney to keep a close eye on the procedings, and the advice of attorneys and engineers has been key to our success so far.  Every dollar you have donated is being carefully leveraged to create a building on the corner that helps create a more liveable, walkable Brookhaven.