Hines Traffic Study

Hines submitted this traffic study to DeKalb County as part of their permit filing.

Trip Generation Study – Ashford at Brookhaven 3-23-12

Hines Files for Variance

The Hines Co. has filed a variance request to reduce the public sidewalk width along Dresden in front of their project from 10′ to 8′.  The request will be heard at the Zoning Board of Appeals on April 11th at 1 PM.

The BPCA supports this request.  The Hines Co. has been cooperative in meeting Overlay requirements, and has put considerable effort into creating a pedestrian-friendly streetscape along Dresden.  As part of this, they have incorporated parallel parking spaces along Dresden per Overlay guidelines.  Parallel parking helps slow down through-car traffic and creates a barrier between faster-moving cars and pedestrians, making pedestrians feel safer.

The inclusion of parallel parking spaces means giving up some property to make a wider street right-of-way. This, in turn, pushes back the building face or crunches the space between street edge and building face where the sidewalk and plant strip must go (“pedestrian zone”).  Hines does not have room on the site to move the building back further, and feels they cannot condense the building more:  thus they’ve requested the variance.

The required 10′ wide sidewalk is important where streetfront retail exists; in this case, we have streetfront residences, and pedestrian traffic will not be as dense as in front of retail.  Thus we are comfortable with the 8′ width, given that Hines is voluntarily providing parallel parking to meet Overlay guidelines.

The Hines Co. provided the following updated plan and elevations to support their variance request.

Site Plan SP-01- Ashford at Brookhaven – 3-23-12 – CORRECTED

Elevation A4-01- Ashford at Brookhaven – 3-23-12

Elevation A4-02- Ashford at Brookhaven – 3-23-12

Elevation A4-03- Ashford at Brookhaven – 3-23-12

Hines Project Sketches

Here are sketches of Hines’ proposed apartment project on Dresden (click “Hines Co.” in sidebar for more info) as presented at the neighborhood meeting on Feb. 20.  Note that design is still in progress and the “look” may change somewhat before construction.

Hines site plan

Site Plan

Hines pict

Fernwood Circle/Dresden Corner


Ellijay/Dresden Corner

Hines project pict


Hines Apts. Update

Hines will present their proposed project to us (neighbors, Brookhaven-ites) on Monday, Feb. 20, at 7 PM at the University Baptist Church.  The church is the same as our polling place and is directly across Fernwood Circle from the Hines site.  This meeting is a required part of permitting in DeKalb County.

Come by to take a look at their proposal, comment as you see fit and share suggestions on how to make it better!