The scheduled neighborhood meeting tonight to review Michel Arnette’s proposal for a new music club at 1411 Dresden has been canceled.  Michele has informed us that he is withdrawing his variance application due to neighbors’ opposition and an uncertain agreement with the property owner.

Neighborhood Meeting on Dresden Variance Request

DeKalb Planning, BPCA Recommend Denial

There will be a neighborhood meeting Thursday night @ 7 PM at University Baptist Church (yes, the same place we vote) to discuss Michel Arnette’s application for variances to allow a restaurant/music venue in an existing building at 1411 Dresden Drive.  Please come learn more about Mr. Arnette’s proposed project and voice your opinion.

We have just learned that the DeKalb Planning Department has recommended denial of the variances.  The BPCA also is recommending denial and has sent the following letter to Board of Zoning Appeals representatives Bill Draper and Liz Beyer.   The letter details our reasons why we do not think the variances are a good idea.


1411 Dresden Variances

Michel Arnette, owner of Haven and Valenza restaurants, has requested several variances for the metal building located at 1411 Dresden Drive with the intent of opening a music/food venue on the order of Eddie’s Attic in Brookhaven.  The variances will be heard before the DeKalb County Zoning Board of Appeals on Weds., Dec. 12th at 1 PM.  A copy of the application and sketch site plan can be found here.  John A. Carlos of Dresden Properties LLC has signed the application as owner of the property.

The BPCA is currently trying to schedule a meeting with Michel and Brookhaven Fields neighbors to discuss the variance request.  Here are some areas of concern:

1) The property abuts several single-family residential properties.  How will Mr. Arnette protect surrounding neighbors from noise?

2)  Music acts run famously late, even thriving on late-evening starts.  What will be the hours of operation and how will that affect surrounding property owners?

3) The variance requests a total of 20 (valet) parking spaces, yet Mr. Arnette states that the venue could hold up to 200 patrons.  Where will everyone park?

4) The variance requests a waiver from Overlay District streetscape requirements–i.e. wide sidewalks, street lights and street trees.  If the music/restaurant venue is granted variances and is successful, it could operate ‘as is’ for many years, leaving a semi-permanent hole in the Overlay District streetscape in that block.  Its success would also prevent new mixed-use development in line with the LCI vision on the site.

We will post a time and location for a neighborhood meeting on this website and on the BFCA listserv as soon as one is scheduled.