Billboard History

The BROOKHAVEN BILL BOARD Conceived in litigation and born by DeKalb County cooperation (3967 Peachtree Road)

Background:  Sometime around 2002, DeKalb County adopted an ordinance prohibiting the erection of new billboards or outdoor advertising structures, and just prior to the date which that ordinance was to become effective Action Outdoor, Inc. made application to DeKalb County to construct many new billboards in numerous locations around DeKalb County.  DeKalb County rejected those applications and Action Outdoor sued the county to obtain permits for such billboards.   The litigation between Action Outdoor and DeKalb County was settled by both parties entering a Consent Order, signed on 2/7/08 and filed with the court.  This consent order was an agreement that allowed Action Outdoor to remove 6 billboards from certain specific locations, retain 15 locations, and add 30 new bill boards at specific locations, none of which were in Brookhaven.  Subsequent to the initial Consent Order, Action Outdoor approached DeKalb County with a proposal to amend the Consent Order, reportedly by reducing the overall number of bill board locations in exchange for agreeing to add new bill board locations.  The proposed list of new locations was provided to the Board of Commissioners and each commissioner approved the bill board locations in his/her district. Elaine Boyer is the District 1 commissioner where this billboard is located.  The locations in the Final Amended Consent Order included a range of addresses in Brookhaven, previously not included in the original Consent Order..

The Amended Final Consent Order executed on 7/9/10 permitted deleting 10 specific locations and adding 6 new locations,  including one in Brookhaven.  In addition, the Amended Final Consent Order also allowed LED signs; and allowed the conversion of 16 existing boards to LED technology.  On 10/21/10, Action Outdoor was granted a permit to erect a LED bill board at 3967 Peachtree Road.