In early September, 2011, BPCA learned about the possibility of a bill board being erected in Brookhaven, and upon confirming that a permit had been issued and construction was imminent, BPCA formally engaged legal counsel on 9/29/11 to investigate the legality of the authorities to allow permitting and construction.  On 10.6/11, BPCA counsel sent an initial communication to Action Outdoor asking that construction of the bill board be ceased.  On a Friday (10/7/11), construction of the bill board commenced, and in spite of numerous written requests to cease construction, construction continued with the bill board’s erection being completed on 10/11/11.  Since the bill board was erected, BPCA has contact DeKalb Co. officials for their assistance to have this bill board removed.

There are discussions between the DeKalb Co. Law Department, CEO Burrell Ellis’ office and Action Outdoor to have the bill board removed.  Without a negotiated solution to have the bill board removed, BPCA is weighing its options, including initiating legal action to declare the Final Amended Consent Order invalid and the bill board illegal.   Detailed History

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