Help Revitalize Brookhaven Park

Now every resident of Brookhaven has a chance to help make our community a beautiful place to relax and play.

One of the least known but true gems of the community is Brookhaven Park. Located at 4158 Peachtree Road on the corner of Osborne Road, its historic site once held the old Veteran’s “48” Hospital which was constructed after WW II. Today the location includes the DeKalb Training Center, a daytime facility that assists challenged residents of the county. The 9-acre park includes a multi-use field, basketball court, playground, picnic shelter and walking trails.

Led by the volunteer group, Friends of the Park, Brookhaven residents are shaping the future of the park. In the summer of 2008 Friends of the Park, a volunteer group supported by BPCA, held three “visioning” sessions at the park to increase awareness, build support and gather ideas for a redesigned park of the future. Neighbors divided into groups and developed a set of ideas to guide future planning.

“From this base, we hope to proceed in the raising of funds to hire a landscape architect to produce a master plan for the park,” said Jack Honderd, architect and member of the Brookhaven Peachtree Community Alliance (BPCA). Friends of the Park, BPCA and other volunteers will work with DeKalb to develop a master Plan for the park enhancements.

A key objective of the Brookhaven LCD study is to develop a well-designed heart for Brookhaven, a centerpiece accessible by all members of the community. According to Honderd “we see this as occurring around the Marta Station – and a true public greenspace, a re-envisioned and redeveloped 17-acre Brookhaven Park behind the DeKalb Training Center.

Dr. Paul Hudson, historian at Georgia Perimeter College and Oglethorpe University, will produce a series of columns to keep Brookhaven Buzz readers informed of changes in Brookhaven Park. All interested residents of Brookhaven are invited to join in and help plan and create a better Brookhaven Park for everyone. For further information contact Carol Haley, 404-262-1607,

Walgreens Update

After early attempts to build its usual model didn’t go through (see BPCA History), Walgreens most recently was denied an administrative variance to get an extra curb cut on Peachtree by Dekalb County Planning; they then lost their appeal to the Dekalb Board of Zoning Appeals (Oct. 12, 2011).

Now they have filed suit against the Board of Zoning Appeals and DeKalb County in Superior Court, where a judge will decide whether the zoning board and county acted properly.  There are number of non-comforming elements with the most recent design submitted by Walgreen’s, but only the Peachtree curb cut is the subject of the current legal action.  BPCA’s legal committee is working with an attorney to keep a close eye on the procedings, and the advice of attorneys and engineers has been key to our success so far.  Every dollar you have donated is being carefully leveraged to create a building on the corner that helps create a more liveable, walkable Brookhaven.


Fernwood Park Bridge

Fernwood Park Bridge


Brookhaven Residents Helped Turn the LCI Study Into Bar-setting Zoning Code

The Brookhaven Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) was approved by the Board of Commissioners in January 2006, and put into place as a zoning overlay on May 22, 2007. The following timeline outlines key dates in the development of the Brookhaven-Peachtree Overlay District between May 2006 and April 27, 2007.

May 10, 2006- DeKalb County receives notification of funding from Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to develop the Brookhaven-Peachtree Overlay District

June 13, 2006- Agreement between Development Authority of DeKalb County and Urban Collage, Inc. enacted.

July 31, 2006- First draft of Brookhaven-Peachtree Overlay Ordinance completed and sent to DeKalb County staff for review.

November 14, 2006- Overlay presented to the Planning and Economic Development Committee and referred to a work session.

December 5, 2006- Overlay introduced at Board of Commissioners work session.

December 19, 2006- Overlay presented to Community Council Area 1 and deferred full-cycle.

December 20, 2006- Overlay presented to Community Council Area 2 and approved 6-1-1 subject to changes.

January 4, 2007- Overlay presented to DeKalb County Planning Commission and deferred full-cycle.

January 17, 2007- LCI Core Team work session held to review Brookhaven-Peachtree Overlay.


February 2, 2007- Work session held with DeKalb County Planning and Development staff to review Overlay.


February 14, 2007- Revised Overlay released to LCI Core Team and area stakeholders.


February 19, 2007- Community members met with MARTA.


February 22, 2007- Overlay officially deferred by Planning Commission (January 4 meeting not official).


February 27, 2007- Overlay deferred by Board of Commissioners.


February 28, 2007- Work session held with MARTA and DeKalb County Planning and Development staff to discuss changes to the Overlay to enhance MARTA Station redevelopment opportunity.


March 2007- Frequent discussions held with MARTA and community representatives to resolve Overlay issues and challenges associated with MARTA Station redevelopment opportunity.


April 4, 2007- Negotiations with MARTA completed and Revised Overlay sent to DeKalb County for review and inclusion in materials to be distributed to Community Council Area 1 and 2 members.


April 10, 2007- Revised Overlay sent to community representatives with summary of negotiations.


April 11, 2007- Overlay section number changed and Table of Contents added at request of DeKalb County Planning and Development staff.


April 11-16, 2007- Additional discussions held with community members concerning MARTA Station redevelopment opportunity.


April 17, 2007- MARTA Station redevelopment sections revised to increase open space requirement and clarify community facility clause.


April 17, 2007- Overlay presented to Community Council Area 1 and approved recommended unanimously for approval.


April 18, 2007- Overlay presented to Community Council Area 2 and recommended for approval.


May 8, 2007- DeKalb County Planning Commission recommends approval of final Brookhaven LCI Overlay Ordinance.


May 22, 2007- DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approve the final Brookhaven LCI Overlay Ordinance on the condition that one typo is corrected.