MARTA Citizen Review Board Updates

Brookhaven’s MARTA Citizen Review Board met each Thursday in February to sort out how we might work with MARTA and impact developers’ proposals.  We also spent time reviewing the planning history regarding the MARTA station property, beginning with the LCI study and continuing through last year’s “MARTA Charrette” study.  Now we are waiting for MARTA to select a “short list” of developers based on the RFQ.  These selected developers will then submit actual proposals in response to MARTA’s RFP.  We hope to have some dialogue with developers and play a role in the final selection, although it’s not clear that MARTA will allow this.

These are all advertised public meetings.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 23rd at 7 PM at City Hall.

Detailed minutes from the final three meetings are posted at the links below, and are worth reading if you have an interest in the MARTA Station redevelopment.

Feb. 12 Minutes

Feb. 19 Minutes

Feb. 26 Minutes

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