Brookhaven Appoints MARTA Citizens Review Board

Brookhaven Councilman Bates Mattison has put together a Citizen Review Board (MARTA-CRB) to help insure a quality developer is chosen to redevelop the area around the Brookhaven MARTA station.  MARTA has sole control over the RFQ, RFP and final selection of the developer; however, MARTA administrators insist that they are open to feedback from the City of Brookhaven during the process.  The Citizen Review Board is intended to be the main conduit for that feedback.


The specifics of the MARTA-CRB’s role are not yet defined, but the board hopes to provide input into MARTA’s RFP, give feedback to developers responding to the RFP, and, ultimately, review developers’final proposals and make recommendations to MARTA on developer selection.  Any questions or suggestions regarding this process should be directed to the CRB member representing your district or civic association.

Members of the MARTA-CRB, and the Brookhaven organization they represent, are as follows:

Denise Starling (District 1)

Blair Belton (District 2)

Michael Roberts (District 3)

Linda Martin (District 4 & Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce)

Susan Coker (Brookhaven Development Authority)

Pat Hoban  (Brookhaven Development Authority)

Michael Roberts (Brookhaven Peachtree Community Alliance)

Joe Palladi  (Brookhaven Comprehensive Transportation Plan)

Joel Putterman (Historic Brookhaven Neighborhood Association)

Kathy Chrisman (Ashford Park Civic Association)

Giles Stevens (Brookhaven Heights Civic Association)

Jack Honderd (Brookhaven Fields Civic Association)

David Leaderman (Fernwood Park HOA)



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