BPCA and the Redevelopment Powers Act

The BPCA has not taken and will not take an official position on the Nov. 4th referendum to grant Brookhaven Redevelopment Powers.  A recent flyer distributed throughout Brookhaven by an unknown group calling themselves “Citizens for a Better Brookhaven” causes confusion on this front.  First of all, the group’s name echoes BPCA’s website “abetterbrookhaven.org”.  Secondly, the flyer purportedly quotes Jack Honderd (whose name is misspelled) as a “spokesman” for the BPCA.  While Mr. Honderd wrote an opinion piece supporting Redevelopment Powers for Brookhaven, it was done as a private opinion and not on behalf of BPCA.  Moreover, the purported quote appears fabricated and does not exist in Mr. Honderd’s opinion piece.

The BPCA finds it troubling that this flyer would appear in our young city already struggling with transparency and citizen distrust.  While much of the information is useful, the inaccuracies suggest it is campaign literature put together by political tricksters.

Redevelopment Powers for Brookhaven is a serious issue that deserves thoughtful, transparent discussion.

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