MARTA Design Workshop, Details and Schedule

The MARTA Design Workshop being led by Southface, officially known as a “charrette”, begins next Sunday, Oct. 13, with a kickoff meeting at 6:30 PM.  All meetings are at Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church, 3016 Lanier Drive.  You may attend any “track” as an observer, although you must be a designated “stakeholder” in that track to participate and comment.  Monday and Wednesday 4 PM sessions are designed for neighbors’ participation, and the Thursday noon session will be a final presentation of neighborhood input.

Here is the general announcement and information;  below is a detailed schedule of “track” sessions.  Each track has a unique color on the schedule, and a unique set of stakeholders will participate in each track (although certain stakeholders may be identified to participate in multiple tracks).  A “stakeholder” is a person identified as a key participant because of their professional expertise; ownership of nearby real estate; representation of MARTA, ARC or GDOT; leadership position in the City or surrounding neighborhood; or other salient and pertinent characteristic.

If you live in Brookhaven Heights, Historic Brookhaven, Brookhaven Fields or Ashford Park, you are a minor stakeholder, even if not identified as an official stakeholder, by virtue of your location.  You may participate in the “MARTA Station Area N’hood Engagement” sessions.




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