Kroger Update, Oct. 8

Thomas Porter, AIA, who is leading the effort by BPCA (click on “Kroger” in sidebar to get full story) to get Kroger to comply with building permit requirements as well as encouraging them to improve their Peachtree streetscape to Overlay standards, recently received the following letter from Marie Garrett, City Manager for Brookhaven:

Good morning Mr. Porter. Glad to hear from you. I was thinking about you over the weekend and wanted to reach to you for an update. A meeting was held recently between Kroger, the county staff, kroger’s atty, our city attorney and myself with Susan Canon. In this meeting, we reviewed all of the conditions that were assigned to the county’s ZBA approval. It was found that Kroger is in compliance with them. Your greatest concern regarding the ingress/egress has been resolved and the island that would have blocked the entry and could have created stacking onto Peachtree is now removed and by this design, traffic will not be impeded. Thank you for working so hard to get that point across to Kroger and the county. As you know, once we learned of it, we contacted the county and had a hold placed on the C.O.

Currently, we are in discussions on the landscape and trees for the parking field. I will have to get back to you on that matter. Basically, we are discussing the acceptable type of trees to be planted. The number of trees that were conditioned by the county’s ZBA are now being respected and will be provided.


The sidewalk and streetscape are being discussed and negotiated at this time. The city would like some introduction of the overlay standards along Peachtree. Unfortunately, Kroger is not required to do this as per the ZBA approvals. However, we are working in good faith to try and bring some of the overlay elements along this frontage. Nothing has been decided at this time but I will keep you advised.


Thank you and I hope to get back to you soon with an update.



Marie L. Garrett

City Manager

City of Brookhaven, GA



  1. Thomas Porter says:

    Though rarely effusive, I am compelled to say that I am very proud of the City of Brookhaven for their interest and support of the Kroger issues.

    That support has been consistently strong from Mayor Davis, to Marie Garrett, to Susan Canon, to Bates Mattison (and I am sure others who are unnamed). I doff my cap especially to Marie Garrett, a very busy person who still finds time to work on the issues and communicate the status. If this type of concern and support continue, we will most certainly have a very strong and desirable city.

    Thank you City of Brookhaven.

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