Kroger Update 10/16–“not ONE DIME…!”

From Thomas Porter, who has been pursuing Kroger and Cherokee Plaza owners to upgrade the sidewalks and streetscape along Peachtree Road per Overlay standards:

Through Kroger representatives, the City has just been informed that the “Ownership” of Cherokee Plaza (Hines et al) has no interest in providing improved streetscape or safety measures along Peachtree despite our City’s offering to invest. They are not interested in putting “one dime” towards those things.


  1. Haven’t been in their store since this whole disagreement started. Guess I’m not willing to spend one dime towards them either.

  2. Brookhaven Resident says:

    I agree – I have started letting the stores in Cherokee Plaza know why I will NOT shop there until they do the right thing here.

    If they do not care about our health, welfare, and quality of life I am not going to contribute to their bottom line – not ONE DIME.

    Kroger is having their Grand Opening – how would they feel about protesters . . . ?

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