Kroger Fails to Comply with Brookhaven Standards

Beginning in early 2012, the Kroger Company fought hard to avoid zoning compliance for its expansion in Cherokee Plaza, and, was inexplicably granted 15 variances by the DeKalb County Zoning Board of Appeals in June 2012.  At that time, Kroger pledged to continue to work with the community to resolve the important outstanding issues relating to achieving compliance with the Brookhaven Overlay streetscape improvement standards.

Just last month, about a month before the planned opening of the expansion of Kroger on August 1, 2013, Kroger representatives finally sat down to let a group of concerned neighbors know that they were not doing anything further to satisfy community concerns.  These neighbors also learned that Kroger was not in fact even upholding the requirements imposed by their variances.  After months of requests, it was the first time Kroger shared their approved plan.   Kroger has been difficult to reach and unresponsive to numerous requests to address long standing concerns.  It is now clear that Kroger will not follow through on previous promises made to work towards improving the Peachtree Road frontage

At stake are three main issues with this property for Brookhaven:

  • Failure to Address Vehicular Safety Concerns: A new landscaped island that they propose at the main entrance off Peachtree Road will back traffic onto Peachtree Road with only two vehicles in the shallow entrance (see sketch). This is truly a PUBLIC LIFE/SAFETY  ISSUE whose impact at best will be to further snarl traffic, or worse, to trap a southbound car turning left in the path of northbound traffic.

    Kroger Entrance Conflict

    Kroger Entrance Conflict

  • Failure to Comply with Zoning Approvals for Site Landscaping: Kroger plans to install trees that are less than half the size of those required by their variances, and, 6 fewer trees than the minimum required.
  • Failure to comply with Overlay Streetscape Standards & Pedestrian Safety: Kroger refuses to widen the Peachtree sidewalk and install landscaping as all other developers in the Overlay zoning area have been required to do. This is far more than an aesthetic issue on Peachtree Road; it is a public safety issue in an area that is already dangerous for pedestrians and auto traffic. Invariably, cars exiting Cherokee Plaza block the sidewalk & force pedestrians to walk in the street.

Further discussions with Kroger after our meeting have been dragged-out and their promises of timely responses have been broken. Kroger is scheduled to begin the site work on August 1st.

Simply put, regard for traffic and public safety should be utmost in the minds of anyone who does business in Brookhaven. The ruling of the DeKalb Zoning Board of Appeals exemplifies at least one of the reasons why Brookhaven is now a city. Currently DeKalb County retains authority over the Kroger permits and inspections. The City of Brookhaven is not powerless though.

What can you do as a resident and a Kroger shopper?

  1. Contact Kroger – Tell Kroger that you’re bothered by their failure either by phone, email  or stopping by to see Bobby Smith (Store Manager) at 404-240-0808 (  You might also contact Eyvonne Johnson, Assistant Real Estate Manager at Kroger ( 770-496-7583.

Send a clear message to Kroger that your patronage is at stake and they need to support this community and do what is right.  If they don’t, then shop there a little less or not at all.

  1.  Contact the City of Brookhaven – Let you City Council representatives know that you’re bothered by this and wish they could do whatever they can to help.
  2. Contact Cherokee Plaza –   call Lori Walker, Cherokee Plaza Property Manager for Weingarten Real Estate ( 770- 618-1086, and insist that their property meet Overlay standards.


If we think as a community, expend a tiny bit of effort, we can send a clear message to all the merchants that want our dollars that they must respect and support the community too. Time is of the essence as we understand the site work will begin about August 1

Thank You.


  1. Sarah Stingley says:

    I received this e-mail today. I just want to let you know that I and my family completely support Kroger and Cherokee Plaza in their expansion plans. The city of Brookhaven sometimes thinks it is more important than it is. The expansion plans were approved over a year ago by DeKalb County. The only thing I would like to see is a traffic light at the Peachtree entrance. It has always been difficult to get in and out of Cherokee Plaza from that entrance. We eagerly await completion of the new expanded Kroger.

  2. Kim Gokce says:

    I recommend residents send their concerns to the office of Bruce Lucia, Division President – Atlanta, tel: 770-496-7400 and even better via snail mail:

    Mr. Bruce Lucia
    c/o The Kroger Company
    2175 Park Lake Drive, Atlanta, 30345

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