Bellaire Decision Delayed Until Nov. 20

The Brookhaven Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) deferred a decision on the Tomlinson family’s request for approval of a 6 story apartment project at the corner of Bellaire Drive and Peachtree Road for 6 months to give neighbors and the Tomlinson family more time to reach a reasonable solution.  About 75 neighbors showed up at the public hearing in opposition to the proposed project.  Many were disappointed with the deferment.

It’s an open question whether the Tomlinson family will lower their expectations on development density–and therefore price–on the property.  Until that happens, neighbors are intent on keeping any new development on hold.

See “Original Story” and other notes in the Brookhaven Overlook thread (Updates, bottom right).  If you want to see the current site plan, click here.

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