The Brookhaven City Council has passed a moratorium on all variance and zoning applications, as well as all building and land use permits, in the Brookhaven-Peachtree Overlay District, effective March 27th.  The intent is to allow time for the City to clarify a few key elements of Overlay District regulations that have been causing confusion for developers and city staff.  Examples are:  what is the definition of a second story?  what is the parking requirement for a stand-alone restaurant?  should parking minimums and maximums be the same number?  what is the residential unit/acre density allowed in Area 1 and Area 2 of the Overlay?

City staff will be studying the issues and proposing modifications to the Planning Commission and City Council within the next month or so.  While the moratorium is declared to last 90 days (until June 25th), the hope is that the modifications will be complete within 60 days so the moratorium can be lifted by the end of May.

The Moratorium text can be found here.



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