Caldwell Variance Denied

The Zoning Board of Appeals denied the requested height variance for “the little white house” on Caldwell Road last night by a 4-2 vote.  While ZBA members and public speakers generally welcomed a new restaurant by chef Scott Serpas, the applicant could not demonstrate a hardship that warranted a height variance.  Many area residents also voiced concern about parking on nearby residential streets and traffic congestion.

In the BPCA’s view, this site should be redeveloped with the surrounding properties as part of a cohesive, mixed-use development in accord with the LCI vision.  There has been at least one effort to assemble that block already and it looks like it will happen in the near future.

In the meantime, the “little white house” can continue to serve as an office for small business per its current use.


  1. chuck daunch says:

    The “LCI” vision and past work WITH the residents MUST be supported as our area progresses. Any bad , careless decisions made will have a negative impact for a long time. This block is horribly congested as it is with VALET parking from Kaleidoscope as it is. THIS too must be changed asap !
    The Board made a sound, thought out decision, The owner who bought this house a year ago, knew what the conditions and standards in place were. While another restaurant would be good. It has to be on land to support the traffic needed to keep it OPEN ! I dont get why they don’t see that.
    I’d be afraid to open a business where customers cannot park to sustain longevity.

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