Candidate Ratings Criteria

1st star 2nd star 3rd star
Standard Does candidate openly support the LCI vision and Overlay, and state as much on his/her website? Does the candidate know and agree with the specific vision and goals of the LCI and Overlay? Does the candidate know details of the Overlay requirements, and does the candidate publicly advocate for the Overlay?
Criteria  Self-explanatory Specific vision and goals for Brookhaven are 1) create a heart, a recognizable center  2) encourage development of public space, including parks & plazas, 3) promote mixed-use development, and 4) provide transportation options, in particular a walkable environment.  Candidate should be able to talk about these in general terms, even if he/she can’t list them all specifically. A candidate needs either a) to have read the Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay District zoning ordinance, or b) have reviewed either the “Overlay Slideshow” or the “LCI Guidelines” documents, or c) attended a BPCA education session.To get a third star, a candidate should know the answer to at least a couple of the questions like the following: How many sub-areas are in the Overlay? What max. bldg. stories are allowed in the Overlay? May parking lots be built between the street and a building? How wide must sidewalks be in the Overlay district? Must all building front doors face the street? Is mixed-use REQUIRED in new development?

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