BPCA Rates the Candidates

How do candidates for City of Brookhaven offices view the LCI vision for Brookhaven?

The BPCA held two educational sessions for Brookhaven candidates in the last month.  The first one occurred at the Brookhaven Forum at Rep. Mike Jacobs invitation; the second was held at Brookhaven Bank’s conference room.  All candidates were invited to both sessions.

We then asked all candidates to fill out a questionnaire regarding their view and knowledge of the LCI vision for Brookhaven and the Overlay zoning disrict.  We made follow-up phone calls to several candidates to discuss their views in depth, and we have had numerous face-to-face conversations at neighborhood candidate forums.

Here are our ratings, with 3 stars signifying a strong commitment and depth of knowledge.  Candidates whose name is not listed received 0 stars, signifying no measurable commitment or knowledge.  Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name. Ratings criteria can be found here.

We note that Erik Steavens and Jim Eyre are members of the BPCA Board.  They are temporarily on inactive status with BPCA due to their candidacies and had no role in this evaluation process.


Larry Danese            J. Max Davis              Sandy Murray

  * * *          * * *           * * *


 City Council– District 1

 Kevin Meaders         Rebecca Chase Williams

   * * *            * * *


City Council– District 2


Jim Eyre         Larry Hurst     Russell Mitchell

* * *      * * *         *


City Council– District 3


Deborah Anthony   Hope Bawcom         Bates Mattison

* * *            * * *         * * *


Bridget O-Donnell      Kevin Quirk            Julia Russo

* * *            * * *          * * *


Erik Steavens

  * * *


City Council– District 4


Joe Gebbia                 Kerry Witt

 * * *          * * *

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