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Candidate Ratings Criteria

1st star 2nd star 3rd star
Standard Does candidate openly support the LCI vision and Overlay, and state as much on his/her website? Does the candidate know and agree with the specific vision and goals of the LCI and Overlay? Does the candidate know details of the Overlay requirements, and does the candidate publicly advocate for the Overlay?
Criteria  Self-explanatory Specific vision and goals for Brookhaven are 1) create a heart, a recognizable center  2) encourage development of public space, including parks & plazas, 3) promote mixed-use development, and 4) provide transportation options, in particular a walkable environment.  Candidate should be able to talk about these in general terms, even if he/she can’t list them all specifically. A candidate needs either a) to have read the Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay District zoning ordinance, or b) have reviewed either the “Overlay Slideshow” or the “LCI Guidelines” documents, or c) attended a BPCA education session.To get a third star, a candidate should know the answer to at least a couple of the questions like the following: How many sub-areas are in the Overlay? What max. bldg. stories are allowed in the Overlay? May parking lots be built between the street and a building? How wide must sidewalks be in the Overlay district? Must all building front doors face the street? Is mixed-use REQUIRED in new development?

BPCA Rates the Candidates

How do candidates for City of Brookhaven offices view the LCI vision for Brookhaven?

The BPCA held two educational sessions for Brookhaven candidates in the last month.  The first one occurred at the Brookhaven Forum at Rep. Mike Jacobs invitation; the second was held at Brookhaven Bank’s conference room.  All candidates were invited to both sessions.

We then asked all candidates to fill out a questionnaire regarding their view and knowledge of the LCI vision for Brookhaven and the Overlay zoning disrict.  We made follow-up phone calls to several candidates to discuss their views in depth, and we have had numerous face-to-face conversations at neighborhood candidate forums.

Here are our ratings, with 3 stars signifying a strong commitment and depth of knowledge.  Candidates whose name is not listed received 0 stars, signifying no measurable commitment or knowledge.  Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name. Ratings criteria can be found here.

We note that Erik Steavens and Jim Eyre are members of the BPCA Board.  They are temporarily on inactive status with BPCA due to their candidacies and had no role in this evaluation process.


Larry Danese            J. Max Davis              Sandy Murray

  * * *          * * *           * * *


 City Council– District 1

 Kevin Meaders         Rebecca Chase Williams

   * * *            * * *


City Council– District 2


Jim Eyre         Larry Hurst     Russell Mitchell

* * *      * * *         *


City Council– District 3


Deborah Anthony   Hope Bawcom         Bates Mattison

* * *            * * *         * * *


Bridget O-Donnell      Kevin Quirk            Julia Russo

* * *            * * *          * * *


Erik Steavens

  * * *


City Council– District 4


Joe Gebbia                 Kerry Witt

 * * *          * * *

Image-Bhaven Market

Brookhaven Market Day

BPCA Quizzes City Commission Candidates

The BPCA will send a questionnaire to all City Commission candidates asking for their vision of the Peachtree/Dresden Corridor and their view of the Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay Zoning District.  We will follow up with phone interviews and an education session for candidates so we can get a clear picture of each candidate’s thinking and support for the Overlay.

We will summarize our findings on our website, as well as put out a news release on our about Oct. 25.  Stay tuned!

BPCA Members Help Set Up New City

Now that the City of Brookhaven is a reality, BPCA members have joined the effort to get the city off to a strong start.

-Jim Eyre is running for City Commissioner, District 2

-Erik Steavens is running for City Commissioner, District 3

-Mike Elliot has been appointed citizen co-chair of the Offices & Facilities committee

-Kathy Forbes has agreed to serve as citizen co-chair of the Executive Search committee

-Jack Honderd will serve as citizen co-chair of the Planning, Zoning and Municipal Code committee


If you would like to help Jim or Erik with a political campaign, go to Welcome to Jim for Brookhaven or

Erik Steavens for Brookhaven City Council District Three


If you would like to be considered for a committee position, you can see the various committees here and fill out an application here.  General information about candidates and city formation can be found at this site.


Press Release

Brookhaven-Peachtree Community Alliance lays out positive development goals for city of Brookhaven candidates.

Atlanta, GA, September 25, 2012:  Leaders of the Brookhaven-Peachtree Community Alliance presented their vision for the Peachtree Road corridor in the new city of Brookhaven at an education session for Brookhaven mayoral and council candidates and the Governor’s Commission. The event was organized by GA Senator Fran Millar and State Representative Mike Jacobs, and hosted by the city of Dunwoody on September 24, 2012.

BPCA board member Jack Honderd presented history behind the Brookhaven Overlay which began in 2004 with the group’s effort to pursue a Liveable Cities Iniative study for the Brookhaven’s Peachtree Road corridor.  The objective of the presentation was to explain the BPCA vision, and its benefits to the new city of Brookhaven in order to solicit support for the BPCA’s pro-development goals, the existing LCI Overlay ordinance and the need for consistent enforcement of the zoning code.

The key points outlined in the presentation were:

● The Liveable Cities Initiative study was a community effort which began eight years ago.  It was inspired by the desire of residents to create a town center on the Brookhaven MARTA site, which would serve as a community gathering place and the heart of Brookhaven.

● The LCI study recommendations and vision encourage citizen engagement and strengthen community through the creation of mixed use developments with economic vitality and a walkable city environment.

● The Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay Ordinance, adopted in 2007, is the actual zoning code that embodies the LCI study recommendations and incentivizes positive development.  Jack Hondred described this as “very important as we form our new identity as Brookhaven-ites”. The BPCA leaders further encouraged the Governor’s Commission and the future Brookhaven City Council to import existing DeKalb County zoning, especially the Overlay, without changes given the community time and money spent developing it over the past eight years and continue the success achieved with Village Place on Dredsden Rd..