Walgreen’s in court

On June 22nd, Judge Cynthia Becker heard arguments in the Walgreen’s vs. DeKalb County case arising from the DeKalb Zoning Board of Appeals denying Walgreen’s request for a new curb cut on Peachtree (see previous posts).  Judge Becker did not have time to review the legal briefs before the hearing and expressed some sympathy for Walgreen’s position.  However, John Jones, arguing on behalf of DeKalb County, continues to have confidence in the legal merits of the county’s position.

Lynda Martin attended the hearing and provided BPCA with notes and a summary.  We subsequently authorized our attorney, Linda Dunlavy, to file an amicus brief bolstering DeKalb County’s arguments.  This is an important case to win as it sends a message to all future developers that we have resources and expertise and are determined to defend the LCI vision and Overlay zoning.

Judge Becker is expected to issue her decision by July 20th.

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