Savi’s New Plan

Savi Market has scrapped their earlier plan–the one they received variances to implement–and is now submitting a plan that proposes to demolish the existing building and build a new, Overlay-compliant building along Dresden Drive.  We welcome this move and think it is a good business decision as well as a good community decision.

Savi will still have to find enough parking to meet the Overlay and fulfill their business needs. The new site plan shows 26 spaces, while the Overlay calls for 35 to serve 6,900 SF of retail.  Savi can meet this with a cross-parking agreement with a nearby property.

Apparently, when Savi looked more closely at construction costs and accepted the fact they’d have to close temporarily during construction, they realized that building new was their best option.  We were being honest and supportive when we told them so.  We look forward to many happy years with Savi a local grocer and specialty food mart.  We expect it to be a community favorite.


  1. gayle sherlag says:

    I was really disappointed to see the amount of money Savi spent on Roswell Road, instead of investing in Brookhaven as they said they would. I wonder whether they have any real commitment to our neighborhood, and “a Better Brookhaven”. i am currently very unimpressed!

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