Kroger: Letter to the Store Manager

Kathy Forbes of the BPCA recently wrote a letter to our local Kroger’s store manager, Bobby Smith, at his request, summarizing our position regarding Kroger’s resistance to installing an Overlay compliant streetscape as part of their $8 million dollar renovation.  Bobby asked for the letter to present to his corporate superiors.

Bobby is a friendly guy and wants his store to be a good Brookhaven citizen.  He also wants to keep his customers happy.  Please use your next visit to Kroger as an opportunity to shake Bobby’s hand, say hi, and let him know how important the Overlay vision is to a better Brookhaven.  In particular, encourage him to get his company to install a wider sidewalk along Peachtree as well as Overlay-compliant landscaping. It’s an inexpensive step to making Brookhaven more walk-friendly and street-friendly.

Click on the link to read the letter:

Kroger ltr_Bobby Smith

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