Alta Brookhaven

A new project, currently named “Alta Brookhaven,” has been submitted to DeKalb County Planning Department for review of Overlay Zoning Compliance.  The project fills about 2/3 of the block between Dresden and Peachtree View and consists of 230 apartment units on 3.148 acres.  It’s a 4 story structure with internal parking deck and some on-street parking.  See below for the drawings submitted.  The BPCA will be reviewing the plans in detail for Overlay compliance and providing our comments to the Planning Department.  Please feel free to chime in.

Site Plan/Floor Plan

Dresden Elevation

Peachtree View Elevation


  1. I think we’re quickly reaching over development for the existing roads. Traffic is bad enough now with the entertainment district with one large apartment complex yet to come. This one will be another nail in the coffin. I believe the area is a better fit for lower density housing.

  2. Just curious. Are appropriate traffic studies being done? Scary thought to now think of two apartment complexes side by side with over 400 plus units. Just taking a stab at the number but that would be at least 600 new cars trying to get onto Dresden and also sharing Fernwood? Seems like Dresden is already getting choked up. And just curious. With the one 200 plus unit on Dresden/Ellijay/Fernwood construction underway, are there plans to redo the crazy light configuration at Ellijay and Dresden?

  3. I agree with Adam – this new project will create too much traffic. Our neighborhood should be populated by homes, not apartments – no matter how “luxurious” they may seem to be.

  4. bresident says:

    this seems like an awful idea for traffic. dresden is horrible now – and speaking of lights can we do something to fix the turn lane heading towards ptree on dresden at ellijay? every time i try to turn left onto ellijay someone heading towards me wants to get into that lane right there to turn into mom and pops or onto caldwell. it is an accident waiting to happen.

  5. Meredith says:

    Sorry, but to me their plan manages to look dense and boring at the same time. Where is the green space that the neighborhood can share? All green space is hidden in the middle. When a large development goes in, we need to ask that a portion of it be turned into a public green space, accessible from the street. I know that the current area is unloved, but it is green and there are lots of trees. It will make a difference someday to have a shady spot to stop and sit on each block as you are walking to MARTA. See the examples already at Village Park with the park along Appalachee and at Village Place at Dresden and Camille. OK that one is pretty small, but it is better than nothing. However, the park on Appalachee with the herb garden and the children’s play equipment is wonderful. This park was included in the zoning variance because the neighbors asked for it. And it is beautifully maintained by Village Park. (Thank you!) Developers are surprisingly willing to accommodate a reasonable request for a small community park. It adds value to their project also and it doesn’t have to be huge as the examples show.

    I understand that rental units are needed, especially so near MARTA. I just wish they weren’t so bland looking. And I wish they would plan for the future, when the first level will be in demand for business use again. As far as traffic, we will see. It isn’t always as bad as we expect, but we are already having problems now, so that is something to consider. They need to include traffic plans for sure.

  6. Christopher says:

    At the public meeting for the Hines project the expectation of significant traffic troubles was discussed several times. It is a significant concern of the neighborhood as Dresden already backs up to Peachtree during weeknights. With folks using Dresden, entering/exiting the County office across the street from the Hines project and the Hines apartments in the future, an additional batch of apartment vehicles from Alta means a standstill with accidents likely. At least the fire station is right there (assuming they aren’t already out on a call). The County needs to take a critical eye at the expected traffic flow–including Hines since it will already be built–when evaluating the feasibility of adding another apartment complex into the mix.

    I agree with Meredith, usable green space for the community needs to be a part of the design. Hines is making it happen on their project.

  7. There is a precedent for traffic control measures in place in the neighborhoods between Caldwell and Apple Valley Roads as a result of the Post Apartments. How would we go about requesting similar controls so we don’t have cut through traffic dominating Ellijay and Cooswattee?

  8. Dekalb county garbage trucks have a difficult time getting thru Peachtree View when cars are parked along the street. When too many cars are parked on Peachtree View, truck drivers honk their horn to get people to move their cars so they can get by.

    Wonder how a fire truck will get thru the street when this project proposes more parking/automobiles?

    P.s. Peachtree View is one of the most narrow streets in Brookhaven.


  9. I totally support this. The new development off Dresden only benefits the surrounding Brookhaven area. Maybe one day they’ll knock down that tag agency and put something there that isn’t so unsightly. Or maybe power-wash the rust stains off the MARTA walls. With this new complex will come new business and higher expectations for future development from Brookhaven residents. Brookhaven is undergoing well-needed gentrification and this apartment complex is the next step in that process. I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but the Generation Xers now knocking down homes in Ashford Park are for anything that involves “out with the old and in with the new.”

  10. Traffic concern is a repeat theme. It’s a real problem that will occur not only on Dresden, but as people become frustrated with the log jam, they are going whip their vehicles onto other side streets to cut through trying to avoid it. They will be angry they are running behind now on their overbooked schedules or just angry because they lack patience, and will speed through our streets, endangering us, our children and our dogs. Lower density is the only reasonable option.

  11. bresident says:

    Joe W – it is possible to be supportive but at the same time ensuring it follows suit with having either, or both, businesses and green space. And traffic is a huge, viable concern for those of us who live behind the proposed apartments and have to deal with however many extra cars on an already overburdened street.

    • If I owned a house in the streets immediately surrounding this apartment complex, I’d be doing my best to have those streets restructured so that access is restricted to through traffic. This is going to be a major concern for that portion of the neighborhood. Elijay, Coosawattee, Fernwood, Sylvan will have a huge uptick in traffic without restructuring.

  12. I agree with Meredith that the plan is bland. Also, I understood the logic behind Hines not including retail (Village Place not yet full), although I wish it did. That said, now that there are nearly 450 (450!) new apt units proposed along Dresden (Hines + Alta), Alta should include something–retail, green space, etc.–that would inure to the benefit of the greater community.

  13. Oh yes, that is just what we need; more apartments on a Marta line. The comments about traffic increasing are valid and look for crime to increase as well!

  14. William Johnson says:

    If this project is approved it will mean 445 new apartment units on Dresden in the space between Apple Valley and Ellijay. The Hines developement is already underway and can’t be stopped. I think this new project should be delayed at least until the Hines apartments are finished and occupied and we see what the effects are on traffic on Dresden and the other nearby streets. It should not be approved at all until a comprehensive traffic survey of the area is done.

  15. Jennifer Heath says:

    I’ve been trying to find out about the meetings for these appartments. I live down the street and would be greatly affected but for some reason there seems to be a tendency to exclued the local residents. I really think that if we have to have 50%+ participation of the owners on a street to get street calming devices there should be a similar process for “meetings to plan” buildings that will greatly affect our quality of life. I’m not against apartments but I want to make sure that we don’t over develop the area and that we include Trees as this is what has most people moving here Trees and the beauty that we are quickly seeing turned in to asphalt and concrete.

    • Fernwood Park HOA has had one or more representatives at all the meetings. Do you live in Fernwood Park Townhomes?

  16. Bill Kelly says:

    Anything new on this? Are changes in zoning required, or just overlay compliance?

  17. Does anyone know what exact area this will cover? I can see that it backs up to the church, but how far away will it be from Apple Valley? I can’t tell by the platt map.

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