Kroger Update 2/24/12

BPCA met with representatives of Kroger on Feb. 13th to discuss its recommendations for improvements in the elevations to break up the long and uniform appearance, provision of pedestrian connections between Peachtree and Colonial and the shopping center stores, and the introduction of landscaping in the parking lot, and the creation of a pedestrian street scape for Peachtree Road frontage.

Kroger’s head of real estate for the Southeast listened attentively and indicated she would like to address the community’s concerns.  Kroger intends to keep open the current store while the expansion is under construction, and they are focused on starting as soon as possible.  She said that BPCA’s requested site and streetscape improvements would come under Weingarten’s purview, as Kroger is only responsible for store construction.  Kroger will have a 30 year lease on the space, meaning it will be a long time before any Overlay District requirements will have a chance to be applied to the site in the future. Here is a sketch of the Peachtree Road side of the expanded Kroger.


A meeting with Weingarten Realty is scheduled for Tues., March 6, to discuss BPCA’s recommendations for parking lot landscaping and street frontage improvements.


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