Hines Traffic Study

Hines submitted this traffic study to DeKalb County as part of their permit filing.

Trip Generation Study – Ashford at Brookhaven 3-23-12


  1. I would assume I am way too late to raise any questions, as I doubt any changes can be made at this point… but I don’t see that any turn lanes onto Fernwood/Ellijay were incorporated in the design. Dresden is woefully packed as it is (regularly backing up past Apple Valley). Am I missing something completely obvious, or are there really no turn lanes to get all these additional (turning) cars off the main road as quickly as possible to keep things running smoothly? Please advise. Thank you.

    • Amanda,

      Did you receive any feedback on your questions? Thank you.

    • Sorry for such a tardy reply. Your comment is correct and points to a major issue. Dresden needs a comprehensive traffic study and plan, but that’s not likely to happen any time soon now that the new City of Brookhaven is coming into existence. DeKalb County won’t spend the money on a street that will no longer be their responsibility, and the City of Brookhaven will have so many start-up issues in the first year (like setting up a Traffic Engineering Dept. with funds to pay for a study) that it likely won’t have the time or attention or funds to deal with Dresden until late 2013 or 2014.

      Alta Brookhaven (see link on home page) reportedly has DeKalb County approval to re-stripe Dresden between Apple Valley and Fernwood Circle to create a center turn lane and Hines Co. could likely get the same permission for the block between Fernwood Circle and Ellijay if they don’t already have it. This would go a long way to making that stretch of Dresden work more smoothly.

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