Hines Project Sketches

Here are sketches of Hines’ proposed apartment project on Dresden (click “Hines Co.” in sidebar for more info) as presented at the neighborhood meeting on Feb. 20.  Note that design is still in progress and the “look” may change somewhat before construction.

Hines site plan

Site Plan

Hines pict

Fernwood Circle/Dresden Corner


Ellijay/Dresden Corner

Hines project pict



  1. Brookhaven Buddy says:

    Hi Jack, are they proposing any retail for the complex, or just residential?


    • Just residential, no retail. They say developers cannot get financing for apts. with first floor retail right now because mixed-use retail has struggled. They also don’t have enough parking, although that probably could be solved if they felt they could do the retail. Finally, they point out that the retail already built on Dresden could use help, which they will deliver in the form of more residents w/i easy walking distance.

  2. My 1 mile commute home will be a nightmare when this place is finished. It’s already bad with the development currently on Dresden. I’m sure Dekalb county has thought this through though.

    • Yes, all new development will bring additional car traffic with it. Brookhaven is a highly desirable area and there are plenty development sites available so the question isn’t “more or no more development” but “how to develop.” The BPCA believes the key to keeping Brookhaven livable is good planning so that we have choices–car, walking, biking, MARTA–for getting to restaurants, shops and work. One’s car is always available and may be the preferred option, but at congested times, one will often be able to choose a method that avoids the congestion.

      The fact that you live a mile from your work gives you options for times when Dresden or Peachtree is congested. That’s what “smart growth” is all about.

      • My commute does give me more options, but those options are also limited due to the weather. The loss of bus routes along Dresden has not helped the situation.

        *I work downtown, but drive to the MARTA station.

  3. Its crucial that Brookhaven is developed as a town that we can safely walk in. I live in Old Brookhaven and right now am scared to walk to Dresden for dinner in the evening due to the lack of safe crossings on PT and maniac car drivers. I wish traffic calming measures were installed all around our area and red light cameras.

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