Hastings Update 2/24/12

Subsequent to the initial meeting, revised plans were submitted for review and consideration.  Given the lack of any material change, BPCA declined to meet for another plan review.

The plans submitted included the note:

”The following variances from zoning and overlay ordinance will be required:

1) Exceeding maximum parking requirements

2) 20 ft wide pedestrian zone along roadway

3) Street fronted buildings

4) Two (2) story building minimum

5) Parking between building and road

6) Allowance of drive-thru restaurant

7) Impervious ratio”

BPCA has offered the owner’s representatives its cooperation and assistance in developing Overlay compliant plans for the property’s development.


  1. Lucy Mauterer says:

    The loss of Hastings is just another sign of the greed of the land owners. If, as I suspect, the property owner had not raised the rent when the lease ran out, Hastings would still be there, still making money and paying rent. Now we are faced with the possibility of another bank and fast food restaurant, both of which have locations very nearby, slightly North of this proposed location. There is obviously resistance to this new planned use, as it does nothing to enhance our beautiful community. Hastings was a beautiful place to drive by and visit. What do Chase and Chick FilA have to offer that we don’t already have?

  2. I tried to support Hastings several times as I did yard work and landscaping (my own, not paying a service or illegals). But their prices were insane. I just couldn’t justify paying 70% more for the same supplies and plants. Hastings was having trouble at any rent, because they simply were not a competitive retailer. The land owners aren’t greedy, they are getting market rates for prime Real Estate. That is capitalism, and I have no problem with it. Whether I choose to bank at, or dine at, the new tenants, is up to me. Again, free market capitalism. The land owner has every right to rent to whatever legal use he or she chooses to on his/her land.

  3. Danny Marshall says:

    Jack, thanks for the good work and information here.

    Lucy, while I tend to agree with your support of local businesses that offer a unique local charm, I’d have to agree with Kane in that their prices never seemed to compete with HD/Lowe’s, much less Pike’s. Still, I hated to see them go, but certainly understand it. Definitely not surprised.

    Jack – any new updates re: Chick-fil-A, or are the two parties too far apart?

    I disagree that they would simply be a “fast food” extension of their neighbor to the north in Chamblee. Besides being a huge fan of CFA’s product and service, they seem to really involve themselves in the community. I think it would be a perfect fit here. Demographic (lots of families, businesses, people) – check. Competition (only McDonald’s & Subway, if you count that) – check. Traffic congestion (traffic light for flow in/out) – check. Not sure I feel the same about another bank.

  4. I think it is great when people with no capital investment in the proerty around Peachtree think they can dictate what private land owners can do with their property.
    Gannon and Rader, the flag holders of American Capitalism.
    LEts take an 8 lane STATE HIGHWAY and turn it onto 2 lane desden drive. BRilliant
    Lets force Kroger to spend hundrends of thousands of dollars simply becasue a few folks love spending money that is not theirs to spend
    If you think the land is so valuable where hastings use to be, BUY it and trun it into your greenspace
    Your visions of Buckhead North on Peachtree and Dreseden is laughable.
    Wait till you become a City and you need deveopment to pay for the extra police you are going to need patrolling your southern districts.
    Your songs will change as land stays empty because of over restrictive overlays.

  5. bresident says:

    I think you should see how many people are opposed to Chick fil A and how many aren’t. I think you will be surprised to see that many, many families in the area would MUCH rather have CFA than McDonald’s and would welcome them to the community. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face – while the overlay is a good idea I don’t think it should be the end all be all and when Brookhaven residents welcome a new business to the community let’s not shun them because they have a drive through, particularly when Wells Fargo, Starbucks, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and the bank across from that all have them.

    • Please note BPCA is NOT against Chick fil A. They are a fine franchise and restaurant. We just want them to be part of a development that works with Brookhaven’s Zoning, a zoning the we believe ultimately will make Brookhaven an even better place to live and work. We’re thinking 10 and 20 years ahead. If we use existing development as our standard (McD’s, Dunkin Donuts, Wells Fargo, Cherokee Plaza), Brookhaven will become indistinguishable from the Chamblee Plaza area up Peachtree Industrial. We think the LCI Study and Overlay Zoning will help us do better.

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