Billboard Update 3/8/12

A neighbor actively fighting the billboard just received a letter from DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis, who had announced at his Ashford Park Town Hall Meeting that he would meet with representatives of Action Outdoor Advertising.  The letter states:

….my staff and I recently met with representatives of AOA to discuss whether it could be moved to another location.  However, another standard billboard located on Peachtree Road approximately 1,300 feet away is also allowed, per a settlement from a lawsuit, to be converted to an LED billboard.  The owner of that billboard has applied for conversion to an LED billboard, but his request is being held in abeyance by a GA DOT regulation that requires LED billboards to be at least 3,000 feet apart.  The current LED billboard constructed nearby by AOA has pre-empted conversion of the other billboard to an LED billboard.  If AOA removes its billboard, the owner of the other billboard would then have rights to convert it to an LED.  Thus, we are now in the process of contacting the owner to see if he is willing to waive his rights.  Otherwise, removal of the current sign will not help us reach the desired goal.

COMMENT:  The “other billboard” referred to is the one above the Waffle House by Dresden.  Yes, an LED board there would also be unsightly and annoying–let’s get rid of them all!  Short of that, which would you prefer to keep?


  1. Well, the one above the Waffle House would be away from housing at least. Although it would probably be more visible as it’s on a rise.

    Why billboards have been allowed to be erected anywhere on Peachtree at all is rather amazing.

  2. These are not the first billboards in Brookhaven. During the 1930 and 40’s there was a V shaped billboard at ground level near where the U-haul is now located. As a child, I used to climb on it. (There are rent receipts in the Goodwin History Society Archives.)

  3. Bah, you’re being too uptight about all this. Billboards aren’t THAT unsightly. Most Peachtree frontage is commercial, anway. Relax.

  4. Lucy Mauterer says:

    The notion that the LED billboards are just an unsightly annoyance does not address the real problem. Those billboards are a serious distraction to drivers. Unlike an ordinary billboard, the LED billboard has the capability to change the message at timed intervals. Once the drivers’ attention is captured, there is a very real danger that eventually an accident will occur, as the driver is occupied with trying to read the message before it changes to something else. Distracted drivers are becoming a much greater danger to both other drivers and pedestrians, with the advent of cell phones. Why add one more distraction, increasing the danger to us all?

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