Savi Expansion Updates

The DeKalb County Zoning Board of Appeals voted yesterday (8 Feb.) to defer the Savi Market variance request for 30 days so that “DeKalb staff, the owner and neighborhood representatives can meet to work out the issues that arise from this development”.  Specifically that means adequate parking.  We (BPCA reps Bill Draper, Jim Eyre and myself) had an amicable chat with Paul Nair (Savi owner) and Doug Dillard (Paul’s atty.) afterwards and they are going to explore a shared parking agreement.  Paul agreed that this issue is as important to his business aspirations as it is to the n’hood since investing $1 million in expansion/improvements means he needs lots more customers, and if customers can’t find convenient parking not enough will come.  So at heart it’s a business problem as much as a n’hood problem,  We all agree that we like what Savi brings to Brookhaven.


  1. Lucy Mauterer says:

    I cannot see that Savi is much of an improvement over the old Mom and Pop’s. It looks as though he just took out the shelving, cleaned everything, slapped on a new coat of paint, put it all back and then stocked the shelves with a lot of much more expensive stuff. I visited recently and was very disappointed. It went from being a homey, unpretentious neighborhood gathering place to a pricey, pretentious little store. You won’t get me to agree that I like what Savi brings to Brookhaven because I don’t like it. And the parking is worse than it ever was with Kaliedoscope right across the street having their valets run back and forth.

    • I think the Savi Plan is a great addition to the area and while we need to enforce the overlay, we also need to be flexible to allow for well designed plans and great uses such as a locally owned organic market…Keep in mind that the zoning attorney’s family seems to own the organic farm that supplies Savi with food. I think we should pick our battles and let the “Good Guys” get some slack!

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