Hines Apts. Update

Hines will present their proposed project to us (neighbors, Brookhaven-ites) on Monday, Feb. 20, at 7 PM at the University Baptist Church.  The church is the same as our polling place and is directly across Fernwood Circle from the Hines site.  This meeting is a required part of permitting in DeKalb County.

Come by to take a look at their proposal, comment as you see fit and share suggestions on how to make it better!


  1. Cort Haber says:

    I’m very concerned about the implications this project will have on the residential homes on Ellijay and surrounding side streets. I foresee parking, traffic, and speeding contributing to a decrease in the desirability of families wanting to live in the neighborhood. I, for one, may be looking to sell my home now as a result of this project. I’ll need to raise my family somewhere else, although my home has plenty of space and yard to support a family of 6. If I wanted to live in a neighborhood with cars parked outside my picket fence, I would have moved to the Highlands. Not having a traffic light on Dresden for this complex will cause tenants to take a right out of the building and then take a right on Ellijay to cut through (because they will have trouble taking a left onto Dresden to get up to Peachtree). 340 new cars within a block of one another will change where this neighborhood was heading. Mixed use property would have been nice but as Hines said this was about the economics, which I don’t fault them for. Not knowing the development process, I’m not sure if anything can be done at this point.

    • Hi Cort, I just found this site and I too have some of the same concerns; wondering if you got any feedback from the comments you posted.

      Thank you.

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