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B’haven Village Street View

Hines Apts. Update

Hines will present their proposed project to us (neighbors, Brookhaven-ites) on Monday, Feb. 20, at 7 PM at the University Baptist Church.  The church is the same as our polling place and is directly across Fernwood Circle from the Hines site.  This meeting is a required part of permitting in DeKalb County.

Come by to take a look at their proposal, comment as you see fit and share suggestions on how to make it better!

Savi Expansion Updates

The DeKalb County Zoning Board of Appeals voted yesterday (8 Feb.) to defer the Savi Market variance request for 30 days so that “DeKalb staff, the owner and neighborhood representatives can meet to work out the issues that arise from this development”.  Specifically that means adequate parking.  We (BPCA reps Bill Draper, Jim Eyre and myself) had an amicable chat with Paul Nair (Savi owner) and Doug Dillard (Paul’s atty.) afterwards and they are going to explore a shared parking agreement.  Paul agreed that this issue is as important to his business aspirations as it is to the n’hood since investing $1 million in expansion/improvements means he needs lots more customers, and if customers can’t find convenient parking not enough will come.  So at heart it’s a business problem as much as a n’hood problem,  We all agree that we like what Savi brings to Brookhaven.