Walgreens Update

After early attempts to build its usual model didn’t go through (see BPCA History), Walgreens most recently was denied an administrative variance to get an extra curb cut on Peachtree by Dekalb County Planning; they then lost their appeal to the Dekalb Board of Zoning Appeals (Oct. 12, 2011).

Now they have filed suit against the Board of Zoning Appeals and DeKalb County in Superior Court, where a judge will decide whether the zoning board and county acted properly.  There are number of non-comforming elements with the most recent design submitted by Walgreen’s, but only the Peachtree curb cut is the subject of the current legal action.  BPCA’s legal committee is working with an attorney to keep a close eye on the procedings, and the advice of attorneys and engineers has been key to our success so far.  Every dollar you have donated is being carefully leveraged to create a building on the corner that helps create a more liveable, walkable Brookhaven.



  1. Lucy Mauterer says:

    I am totally against Walgreens putting up any kind of structure on that corner. They have a store right up the street with ample parking and easy access. This property is really too small for something like a free standing Walgreens. Plus, it will add to the cookie cutter suburban sprawl that is threatening to take over our quaint and charming community. It is unfortunate that they have bought the property and have sat on it for over 4 years. They may have to sit on it for a lot longer if they continue to be unwilling to create a development that is in keeping with what the majority of the community wants. A new driveway onto Peachtree is out of the question. Too many cars coming and going; it would be a nightmare for customers to exit onto Peachtree during busy traffic hours. And its not necessary if the existing drive onto Colonial were used instead. Much easier to come out and have a traffic light. Also, it will in all likelihood put the nail in the coffin of the Rite Aid across the street. That whole development is dying and has become a symbol of urban decay in the community.

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