Brookhaven Market Day
Fernwood Park Bridge

Why Mixed-Use Matters

What is “mixed-use development” and why is everyone talking about it?  Don’t most towns, by their nature, already have a mixture of uses?  What’s newsworthy?  … [Read More...]

Too Much Traffic!

Who likes to be stuck in a car going nowhere? It’s frustrating any time, and particularly when you’ve allowed exactly 20 minutes to get to … [Read More...]

What Density Is Right for Central Brookhaven?

More dense development is spun into Brookhaven’s DNA.  Since the planning of the north MARTA line in the 1970s and the decision by MARTA and … [Read More...]

Are Apartments Bad for Brookhaven?

Single-family home owners tend to be skeptical of apartments, and Brookhaven homeowners are no exception.  The perception is that 1) apartments will be a drag … [Read More...]


Here are the drawings submitted by Walgreen's developer for a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) from the … [More...]

MARTA + Integral + Transwestern

MARTA has chosen a team from Integral and Transwestern--working under the name of Brookhaven City … [More...]