Brookhaven Market Day
Fernwood Park Bridge

Brookhaven Appoints MARTA Citizens Review Board

Brookhaven Councilman Bates Mattison has put together a Citizen Review Board (MARTA-CRB) to help insure a quality developer is chosen to redevelop the area around the Brookhaven MARTA station.  MARTA has sole control over the RFQ, RFP and final selection … [Read More...]

BPCA and the Redevelopment Powers Act

The BPCA has not taken and will not take an official position on the Nov. 4th referendum to grant Brookhaven Redevelopment Powers.  A recent flyer distributed throughout Brookhaven by an unknown group calling themselves “Citizens for a Better Brookhaven” causes … [Read More...]

Charleston mayor: “The public realm rules”

Joe Riley has been mayor of Charleston for 39 years, gathering national and international recognition for his leadership.  He's learned a few things along the way, as he shares with Maria … [Read More...]